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Now them nights are drawing in, maybe you want to keep warm by other means than by turning the heating on? 

Why don’t you get flushed with a copy of Code Name: Cocktail?

The Grade “A” Fancy kids have teamed up with Vicky Sweat of to produce another handbook of aperitif possibilities to take your mind off the world turning to shit. Classy mixes to get you sozzled to the point where all that matters is the company that you scoop them in.


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The Dahlmanns with Andy Shernoff 45 that I put out is now available to record shops. They're only record stores in the USA so maybe it'll make it to a few of those too. So you can order it from your friendly neighbourhood emporium. There aren't many left so don't dilly dally.

Distribution is via Munster Records.

Hear what it sounds like...

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It’s getting autumnal already. I'm pretty sure the leaves didn't start to drop until way later last year. It's also darker in the mornings and all that malarkey. Somehow or other we find ourselves stumbling into September so I’ll attempt to jump start this again. No promises because these are busy times. It won't be updated every day. A questionable ability to be able to prioritise notwithstanding, the spirit is partially willing but it can’t legislate for the flesh. 

Just so you know.

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Just to be clear... the band name Bad Bad Bad Binoclears (pronounced like nuclear) is taken. Recruiting now.


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Dave Alvin responded to yesterday's facebook post.

"The Ronnie Rocket sessions were a whole different thing. It was me along with Stephen Hodges on drums/percussion and Don Falzone on bass. Those tracks were wild!!! As I've said before, that stuff sounds like Miles Davis Bitches Brew sessions as played by a Chicago blues band on LSD. Some of my best guitar playing up to that time."

Someone out there can find these tapes and have David Lynch release them, right?

Get to it!

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You know how a lot of Europe shuts down in August? There’s a bit of that going on here only my attention is diverted and it’s all sort of unconscious. Truth be told is that I’m trying to spend less time in front of a screen. This includes TV too with the exclusion of watching the Twin Peaks parts multiple times.

I spend all day every day fannying about on a computer. Don’t be thinking that I’ve got a life or anything like that. That would be entirely the wrong end of the stick. Right now I’m in the middle of trying to figure out the SESENTAFEST monster. That needs all my attention. If it seems like I know what I’m doing then that is entirely an illusion. The road to hell is paved with positive intention but on the other hand, it’s the thought that counts. And my head is exploding with the constant barrage of what needs to be done. And how there doesn’t seem to be time to explore them all.

Somehow or other, with the help of a crack team of helpers – I'll figure it out.

Or die trying.


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I like what I like.

Sometimes this causes me problems because there’s stuff that friends and associates like that they can't conceive of me not liking. It’s often mistaken for contrariness but in fact it’s straight out ‘dislike’. I meet people whose music I dislike who I like and there’s also music I like made by individuals that I have no time for.

This is an ongoing problem that I attribute to nothing more than not wishing to waste whatever time is left on anything resembling the emperor or his missus's new wardrobe. The more huge something is, the more horrible it tends to be but I blame such popularity on the idiots that follow it or them or whatever.

There are exceptions of course and people have to make a living. I read something earlier about an existential threat to the music business. That last word there is the culprit. As soon as something becomes a business then the goalposts move. When I started out, music in general wasn’t so much a business as a place for malingerers and ne’er do wells. My granny constantly nagged me not to have anything to do with it. I now thank her for driving me toward that dark side.

That was the charm and since then it’s become possible to learn how to be part of the music business at school and college. Again, I have friends that indulge in this dilution of the art. They too must make their way just like that shit act that was never any good but they drag their arses on to the circuit anyway.

*Shakes heid*. One shouldn't get this wound up of a Saturday morning.

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Normal service...

... what the heck is that? I was doing well with it but I've hit a period of thinker's block.

I couldn't even call it writing. Anyway, perhaps it's temporary. Perhaps it'll last longer than that.

Thanks for dropping by. The stats say that more than a million hits have been made here since it all kicked off. I know that's a drop in a bucket to the interweb but it seems like a lot. So gracias if you're someone that has assisted with massaging these numbers.

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Ms Jackpots!

Not sure the video adds anything but this is a great wee song!

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From PART 10...

Not sure about the length of this but when she sings in Spanish... woah nelly!

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It was an honour to be asked to scribble a couple of paragraphs for the back of the OS COURETTES 10 inch field recording "It's Alive from Tambourine Studios" (in Malmö, Sweden) on Chaputa! Records of Portugal.

As you’re likely aware, this two person force of nature is one of my favourite acts currently doing the rounds and they pack more punch than many groups twice their number. Primitive is where they live and when you catch them in person you’ll find out exactly why.

Meanwhile, you can practice for just such an occasion if you grab a copy of this and play it several times daily at a volume that makes the foundations of your cave rattle in addition to shaking and rolling at the appropriate junctures.

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“Hey, the fools made the rules. It’s all German engineered”. 

That Alan Vega always had a way with words and the roll call of discontent that makes up “DTM” is charged to the gunnels with all the bile and distrust that the man always had with convention. It’s delivered over a crackling, electronic pulse that packs the ideal undertow. First time I came into contact with IT was during the Punk Mass that celebrated Suicide’s rise from the gutters of the long-gone New York at The Barbican. Always a sound born of decay and destitution, it took a while for the world to catch on. It’s still catching on and the body of work that both Alan and Marty have wrought will confound and delight future generations in equal measure. Forty laps of the sun down the line, Alan has come up with one hell of a death rattle.

“Hey – how about the anti-christ. Celebrate the pain!” That’s something that was always prevalent in his work. It was an often unfettered celebration of pain with a telescopic depth and groove. No matter how unconstructed it may have seemed when it first hit your ears, you could never listen the same way twice. “Fade to black. Fade to Hispanic”. There are parallels here with what Lynch has done with the resuscitation of Twin Peaks. Uncompromising and unfiltered, however long Trent Reznor chips away at the seam he’ll never come close to any of this. Take it as you find it or get off the fucking bus. In what must have been a difficult time for Liz and Dante, IT has come together as what may well be Vega’s best work, a disjointed industrial urban symphony that reflects how I’m sure that Alan saw where this world was going. A year down the road since his passing, there is so much more to rail against.

To attempt to describe the majesty of IT in words is pointless, a large swathe of the populace won’t get it. It’s a real gift to those of us who do. And who were lucky enough to watch it gestate. These pieces are something to be experienced and the louder the better. Undoubtedly this is a crucified soundtrack to what is looking increasingly like a wrong century. Vega is unfettered and visceral in death as he ever was in life. You can get it in whatever format you favour (apart from cassette or eight track) on FADER LABEL.

In “Prophecy”, he declares that he’ll go “on and on”. That goes without saying.

“It’s war baby”. Too fucking right and Alan Vega is still leading the charge.

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It had been 35 years but last night something great happened. Super rock was once again reverberating through Auld Reekie (Edinburgh). The force of nature that is The Fleshtones landed in Bannermans to kick off their latest foray across that is, for now at least, Europe.

Of course the other nations caught on first. This sceptic isle is always late to the party but better that than never. They picked up where they left off in Spain at the end of January. Rockin' and boppin' as only they can. 

A lot of familiar faces came out as did some first timers, I think everyone was agreed that this wasn’t just another show. Perhaps they’ll measure gigs they attend by this one?

When all is said and done however few acts match the unparalleled heights of these guys in full flight. 
It was Kenny Fox’s first time up this way. He’s only been in the band for 26 years. From “Bigger and Better” through “Gotta Getaway” (Dedicated to Billy Miller) to the anthem that is “American Beat”. This wasn’t your average Cowgate Wednesday night.

“Don’t you understand the world has changed?” asked the band on Roman Gods. I think most realise that it has and not necessarily for the better. In other ways the more it changes, the more it stays the same. One thing is for sure, it’s a better place for the fact that they're still out there, plying their trade against the sometimes seemingly all-enveloping gloom.

Tonight they’re in Gatesheid (Newcastle ‘pon the Tyne) with those Coyotemen.

Verily The Toon will be jumping!!

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Saw Teenage Superstars yesterday, the second instalment of Grant McPhee’s two part document of Scottish music’s formative years and its connection with further afield. Indeed, I gave a lot of this local produce the rubber ear in the early days. A mixture of being obsessed with American “punk” before the term was turned into a half-assed brand. Much of this film is based around the west coast strain of pop. “Big Gold Dream” was the east coast take and I think McPhee did a good job. I went to bury it but couldn’t. Despite still intensely disliking much of the produce, the story was told well. Many of the perpetrators are good people. Just don’t ask me to listen to their music. Some aren’t, but they played their part too as life goes.

In the same sense, I never got Creation – or Postcard Records. Whilst I recognise the “scene” around these it took the interest shown from friends overseas to create my perspective. It took me a long time to admit that the Mary Chain made some good records. They were just such horrible oiks. As was another of their “kin” who I won’t even mention but he haunts the film like a bad smell. He has to be in there I guess because he’s turned out to be a pivotal figure. And for the mentions of The Cramps in the film, there’s no suggestion that they were briefly on the label that McGee ran. Joe Foster is good in this and it’s to the shame of some others that they didn’t make themselves available to support this venture. I have friends in Scandinavia and Spain that will LOVE this. I thought about them all the way through the film.

It defines the two cities that are just 52 minutes apart but spiritually what, I feel, like a world. The humour of Glasgow is intact and the appearance of several lesser known players is welcome. There’s definitely a career as Jack and Victor Version 2.0 for Duglas T Stewart and Sean Dickson beckoning. Grand to see the elusive David Keegan and mi amigo Martin Hayward here.

Ian Hoey hosted a wee Q+A after the screening with Wendy Griffin (Producer) and Angela Slaven (Editor/co-producer). All concerned worked to the wire to prepare the film for these EIFF screenings and there are plans to tour a double bill in October or thereabouts. I presume that means throughout the UK? Plans are underway to screen it further afield and I can feel the anticipation across the waters big and wee. There’s even a wee glimpse of the cover I did for the 53rd and 3rd release of “My First Band” by The Ben Vaughn Combo in here and reference to the connection between TFC and Alex Chilton.

You get one chance to do something like this and on this occasion the years of selfless pursuit have pretty much nailed a decent snapshot of what it was to live through the fermentation. The inclusion of Thurston Moore here and Kim Deal’s voice over connects the scene back to the US. The subject matter of this episode in particular really chimed with America’s burgeoning underground at the time. Who could have thunk it? Bellshill spawned several monsters whose influence has carried way beyond any feasible expectation. It’s doubtful such magic could ever happen again because it would be contrived and hijacked straight out of the box. 


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NBT 28 is not a magazine with a “free” single.

If anything, it’s the other way around but the two parts make a whole. Like some people do.

It’s also available as two individual parts.

The “friends and family” concept via PP still seems to confound some people. And it seems like it’s an option that may not be available in some territories? If that’s the case then add £1 to the total and that seems to just about balance out. Apologies for sounding like a broken record but I feel like a putz when I have to chase people up for the extra. To reiterate, I wanted to make this affordable so there is no smoke and there are no mirrors. Therefore it’s imperative that the correct amount drops in. It has to be better than the days of the International Money Order.

Does anyone know if you can get such a thing as International reply coupons anymore?

One other thing, I’m sorry but there are no back issues. Those shot the craw at least a lifetime ago. They do turn up for sale on the interwebs now and again though. The ones that had 45s with them turn up on discogs. There may even be some on there now.

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DAHLMANNS 45 with and without NBT AVAILABLE NOW!

THE DAHLMANNS, THE SCHIZOPHONICS, GIRL TO NEW YORK by AMY RIGBY, GRADE A FANCY on the town with LAURA (CANTRELL) and AMY (RIGBY), REINE LAKEN, FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL, THE HULLABALOO CLUB by J.D. KING, EX-CRAMPS MANAGER CONFESSIONS and whatever the heck else might fit. 32 pages. 190mm x 190mm format in stapled, numbered lucky bag with 45 by THE DAHLMANNS with ANDY SHERNOFF. Price is for a single copy and includes post and packing.

UK             EUROPE           USA/CANADA         AUSTRALIA           JAPAN

£10            £12                     £15                         £16                          £16


THE DAHLMANNS with ANDY SHERNOFF – FOREVER MY BABY/THE LAST TIME 7” (NBT 4528) in “classic black” vinyl. Price is for a single copy and includes post and packing.

UK            EUROPE            USA/CANADA         AUSTRALIA           JAPAN

£5             £8                        £8                           £10                         £10


PayPal please to this address - via the friends and family checkout option. Cheque would be OK here in Blighty but it’s easier for me to keep tabs on everything if it comes via PP. And it'll take longer. Prices are for single copies, if you want multiples then the postage will come down up to a point. Then it starts getting stupid again. Any questions? Just ask!

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I tried to format this on facebook and it was a mess so I hope this is easier to follow.

Email me here for pp details. Stuff will be sent out from June 20th.

I’m making lists, furtively checking them at least twice and wondering why the bejeezus I ever thought it would be a good idea to print a bloody magazine. Actually I know what I thought I thought but it’s all so different. The mechanics are a tad rusty. Let’s look on the bright side though. I get to have my own back on the Ebay sellers that stink up the post office queue. I used to be the king of that. In my lunchtimes when I worked in Larbert, the folks that just nipped in for a stamp, or their pension, likely referred to me as ”that little c*nt that held up the queue”. Sometimes I’d be nice and let people go about their business. There were other times when folks that obviously had their knickers in a twist that I would just let stew. Anyway, let’s see how it goes. I actually got the bugger out, that’s the most surprising part.

If you want to send me your postal address and what you’re after, I’ll get back to you. Here’s what’s available...

THE DAHLMANNS, THE SCHIZOPHONICS, GIRL TO NEW YORK by AMY RIGBY, GRADE A FANCY on the town with LAURA (CANTRELL) and AMY (RIGBY), REINE LAKEN, FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL, THE HULLABALOO CLUB by J.D. KING, EX-CRAMPS MANAGER CONFESSIONS and whatever the heck else might fit. 32 pages. 190mm x 190mm format in stapled, numbered lucky bag with 45 by THE DAHLMANNS with ANDY SHERNOFF. Price is for a single copy and includes post and packing.

UK             EUROPE           USA/CANADA         AUSTRALIA           JAPAN

£10            £12                 £15                       £16                     £16


THE DAHLMANNS, THE SCHIZOPHONICS, GIRL TO NEW YORK by AMY RIGBY, GRADE A FANCY on the town with LAURA (CANTRELL) and AMY (RIGBY), REINE LAKEN, FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL, THE HULLABALOO CLUB by J.D. KING, EX-CRAMPS MANAGER CONFESSIONS and whatever the heck else might fit. 32 pages. 190mm x 190mm format. Magazine only in stapled, numbered lucky bag. Price is for a single copy and includes post and packing.

UK            EUROPE            USA/CANADA         AUSTRALIA           JAPAN

£5            £8                     £9                        £10                      £10


THE DAHLMANNS with ANDY SHERNOFF – FOREVER MY BABY/THE LAST TIME 7” (NBT 4528) in “classic black” vinyl. Price is for a single copy and includes post and packing.

UK            EUROPE            USA/CANADA         AUSTRALIA           JAPAN

£5            £8                     £8                        £10                      £10


PayPal please - via the friends and family checkout option. Cheque would be OK here in Blighty but it’s easier for me to keep tabs on everything if it comes via PP. And it'll take longer. Prices are for single copies, if you want multiples then the postage will come down up to a point. Then it starts getting stupid again. 

Wholesale enquiries are welcome. This stuff will be available via a few stores and mail order outlets that were always part of the NBT global village. A few new endeavours that were just wee when the original blighter wobbled across the earth will hopefully also have copies.


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The soundtracks to Lynch projects have always added an important element to the overall effect. The ideas he “catches” are layered in sound. It’s already been stated in a few places that the music in TP – The Return isn’t up to the Badalamenti/Julee Cruise original but it should be considered that the “Lynchian” sound didn’t really exist before that. Elements came together to make this ethereal, neo-symphonic feel that seems so prevalent now. The low frequency hum that weighs in as sound design is as metal machine muzak as it gets. This too has been a trademark all along.

The idea of closing each episode with a related-sounding act is likely a blessing and a curse for both parties. I’d never knowingly heard Chromatics before the opening salvo of this semester but I must have. They just never made an impression before and while investigation of their catalogue suggests to me that their output is a wee bit patchy, there’s no denying that when they hit their stride, as they do on “Kill For Love” then they’re very good indeed. Episode 3 includes The Cactus Blossoms who out-Isaak Chris isaak to some extent. Michael Shelley has been raving about them for months and again, while I quite like them, I think it’s the familiarity that appeals more than the songs.

Au Revoir Simone closed part 4. I also kind of like them but I can’t eat a whole one. I saw them in London more years ago than it seems possible because the first time Hello Saferide played in the UK was opening for them. They couldn’t hold a candle to Annika Norlin. They didn’t then and they didn’t now. That made me wonder if Lynch is aware of HS or Sakert! This is very post-Twin Peaks music too, albeit of a different calibre. Anyway, I’m not complaining, I’m just stating a fact. I look forward to hearing what else this “Jimmy Stewart from Mars” guy has in store for us. It seems to me like he might be sending himself up to some degree and that everything but the proverbial kitchen sink could be coming at our noggins. One can but hope.

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There’s only been a couple of days since April that there hasn’t been a post. Granted, there’s been little commentary but that can’t be altogether a bad thing. Looking at the ‘stats’, I’m led to believe there’s still a fair volume of traffic. It seems to spike weekly in the wee hours of Thursday and I’m not sure how kosher any of it is but there’s in excess of 20,000 visits a month.

I shall endeavour to keep it active but there will be a blip now and again. I appreciate you stopping by though. And who knows, there may even be something you like.

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... Details will be forthcoming here

I can agent the deal if that doesn't work for you.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The Fleshtones are kicking off their latest eurojaunt with a return to Auld Reekie for the first time in 35 years!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

By now most will know this was the closer to TWIN PEAKS - THE RETURN!

You can get the 12" here but the postage is a bit hefty. The download however is 1 dollar and that money goes straight to the label!

Get it here!

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First REAL show I ever saw was these guys. November 10th 1972, Greens Playhouse in Glasgow.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The stage where you wonder why you started...

... but I'll see it through. 
Shooting for June to have it available.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


As you likely know by now, I’m about to mark the 40th anniversary of NBT with a print edition of the zine and also a single by The Dahlmanns. I’ll put details on here about how you can get these direct from me. I hope that they'll also be available from discerning stores and mail order outlets. That’s something I need to look into after everything is being printed and manufactured.

Does anybody know of places that distribute zines anymore? The old network as I knew it is long gone. This is the point where I’m thinking, why the hell did I think this was a good idea. However, it’s done and I do want to mark the auspicious occasion for having been doing this for two thirds of my existence.

So that’s where I’m at. Whaddaya reckon?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Got distracted. Eric was on Marc Riley's show... 

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Saturday, May 06, 2017


If Aztec Camera had ever gone "classic" Springsteen. Not that pish he peddles now. Meet Saturday City from Moss, Norway! 

Friday, May 05, 2017

Just what you need to hear...

Thanks to Iain for flagging it up!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

It's a CheeseBergen kind of a day...

Anything that resembles a metallic Ze Malibu Kids has to be worth a shot, right?

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

It's Wednesday Already!

In my hundred or so years of going to shows, the Wreckless Eric gig in Edinburgh on Sunday past was a peculiar one.

There were more people there than the limited pre-publicity might have suggested. However, one song in, this guy that looked like Jesus (the bible guy, not anybody Spanish) walked up and asked Eric to turn down his amp because “we can’t hear your words”. Never backward at coming forward, the seasoned performer sent him away with something of a flea in his ear. The arsehole was with three other individuals that were severely lacking in concert etiquette.

A wee bit later in a quiet transition where something wasn’t quite over, another diddy wanders up to him and asks if he’d play “Veronica”. Another small insect was dispatched in the offenders hearing gear. An update to this was Eric receiving a message from the ‘ronica guy suggesting that our man was 'very rude'. Actually he should consider himself lucky. I think that his actions warranted a far more caustic response. With a swift boot up the arse following in close succession.

Being something of a daftie magnet, Eric is well versed in dealing with such behaviour. He’s dealt with all sorts over the years he told me but really, I’ve never seen anything do fundamentally stupid as the actions of these fools. It almost makes these fuckwits that experience concerts through tablets and phones as being socially aware.

Monday, May 01, 2017

The Day before Dos De Mayo...

... is a quiet one. All roads lead to the Glad Café in Glasgow tonight. Eventually. Here are some terriblr phone camera images from last night in Edinburgh.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


So how about that? I've posted something every day in April. Sure, it wasn’t more than a video or show dates but at least there was something fresh to look at. Will this momentum be kept up through May? 

The endeavour is half the battle, for now at least.

There was a great turnout at Messer Chups in Glasgow tonight. They're playing a much more agreeable space tonight at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. I shall be across town at The Citrus Club with Sir Eric of Wreckless. and tomorrow at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tonight is the BILLY MILLER FOREVER remembrance shindig. I'm sad not to be able to attend but I'll be well represented. There's gonna be an enormous amount of LOVE in that room. 
If like me, you can't go then maybe you'd like to donate to one of the two causes that there are links to on the website. 
Folks have asked if there was such a facility. Yes There Is.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Classic black 7 inch vinyl edition!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Here we are, midway through the month andd so far I've managed to post something every day. Maybe nothing much but I'm hanging in with the notion of regular bulletins. The progress with the first print edition in close on 20 years is progressing. The list of contents is progressing and I've checked it more than twice I can tell you. 

There's been some movement in what goes where but it's going to work out having made a deadline in my noggin for the end of April to go to print. At least that's the idea on this here Easter Sunday.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017


After the false alarm a week ago, the world is yet worse off than it already was. 

Another of life’s constants has departed. As much as I dug listening to his show on a Saturday morning on my own, it was especially great with house guests. They didn’t mind getting up at 8am because the breakfast soundtrack was guaranteed to be at least great. The music was like the meal, it would set you up for the day. When they got home to wherever the heck they came from, I'd often get messages about tuning in.

The finality of his leaving R2 recently suggested this wasn’t so far away. I’ve been thinking about all those folks who I turned on to SOTS over the years and it saddens me to think that there are some of you (one in particular) that I won’t get to share this experience with now.

Such is life at this point in the proceedings. 

Sunday, April 09, 2017


This is an entertaining documentary. 

Even if, like me, you think that calling some of it "music" could be considered artistic licence. 

Still no sign of the Glasgow instalment... click image to order.