Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Christopher Columbus of Punk Rock" Andy Shernoff has his own myspace page where you can listen to two new Master Plan recordings, a demo for the upcoming Mary Weiss solo record and an unreleased song he wrote with Joey Ramone.
While it was good to be off work for a week, irrespective of the circumstances - there's always the going back and of course the dread that precedes it. However, being that one has to survive it's a necessary evil. I've even been thinking about buying a lottery ticket and that really goes against the grain. Anyway, my tribulations pale in comparison to that of many but it would be good if the Blogger site didn’t fall on it’s arse every time I tried to post something.
Anyway, some good news - I heard today that there’s been a reprieve for The Queens Hall in Edinburgh. There should never have been consideration about 86’ing it in the first place.
And what’s this about Harry Drumdini being “back in” The Cramps?? I could get all very Victor Meldrew but what, pray, would be the point?
Don’t forget – The Nomads, Kim Salmon and The Surrealists, NY Dolls, Big Star, Young Fresh Fellows and many more at Azkena this coming weekend. I heard that Redd Kross weren’t doing it now but it’s still on their site and the festival one. Anyways there are bigger (insert food of choice here) to fry so it’s time I was out of here.