Friday, April 14, 2006

It's Easter (everywhere) and don't forget that the Roky Erickson documentary, "You're Gonna Miss me" is on in Glasgow (GFT) and Edinburgh (Filmhouse) at the end of the month as part of Triptych.

The talk of the steamie around these parts is the alleged "Al(va) Quaeda". The wags are working overtime. A quiet hillfoots town, all of a sudden whisked into a media scrum that would perhaps be better employed looking into the hell that is the Sterling warehoose, just along the road. But that's the beauty of the "global village". There could be skullduggery happening through the wall from you right now. Or in the flat below. Or out in an allotment shed someplace via laptop. To think, last week we were all in for the bird flu. No' being able to park the car an' that, ken...

Big news around here however is that Laura Cantrell has recorded (I think) a half dozen new Radio Thrift Shops for BBC Radio Scotland. These will go out on Monday nights (don't know the slot by will convey that when I do) during July into August. these will include interviews with Charlie Louvin, Cowboy Jack Clement, Bobby Bare, Pig Robbins and Merle Haggard. (Thanks to Richard for the info.)

What else, yeah... Dollsquad are in London at the DWC tonight (Friday). Shock and Awe are at The Subway in Edinburgh tomorrow night (Saturday), a matinee of sorts because it all has to be over by 10pm.

Last night's Bill Wells Combo show is still resonating in my noggin and I'll bet that Nika is still dancing. Check out some photos and commentary here at the TFC message board.

Time to go and stretch the old legs methinks. And to think about making a start on tidying up the area that passes for a garden. Doing is some way off I think.

This looks great
, named after the Wreckless Eric album and featuring a performance by the man himself.

Wish someone would organise something like this around here. And what's more that there was an audience for such a beast.

Eric is also doing shows in the Pacific Northwest with Scott McCaughey en route to a rendezvous in San Francisco with Amy Rigby and Marti Jones.
RIP - June Pointer
The Bill Wells Alternative Japanese Wall-Of-Sound package tour held court at The Tolbooth in Stirling tonight. If you’re in the vicinity of Tobermory, Aberdeen, Stornoway, Wick and Evie in Orkney between here and the 22nd then I strongly suggest that you take in the show when it hits your neck of the woods.

It’s a privilege for music this challenging, entertaining and downright cinematic to be able to be experienced live. Some of it defies designation. Like Morricone hotwired to the BBC Radiophonic workshop. Then The Velvet Underground with Tijuana brass overtones. And the there’s Kazumi Nikaidoh who simply can’t keep still. Her ability to play duelling trumpet as a mimic is both captivating and disturbing in equal measure. Her Audrey Horne-esque dances add a bizarre David Lynch type shape to soundscapes that belong alongside his movies.

I honestly have NEVER seen anything like it. This show is not 50 minutes of the same old routine toured for 18 months to promote “an album”. It’s a showcase of real, odd but utterly compelling music that has a childlike heart and soul. A bravado untainted by the trappings of what passes for the mainstream. Major props to Mr Wells for his vision and furthermore for sharing it.