Thursday, December 08, 2005

The stupid season is well underway. The time when people get even more cavalier with common sense than normal. It's no secret that I hate Christmas (or pretty much everything) but I do have a soft spot for a decent seasonal tune. The Raveonettes "Christmas Song" being one of the very best examples of the type in a long time. And how did I discover it? Through a blinkin' TV ad for a Garden Centre that pushes trees and all manner of other festive bollocks to the tinsel junkies. But anyway, I digress, much as I just want to hibernate in the bunker - sometimes one has to go amidst the hordes of zomboid subscribers to all this hollow tosh. One doesnae have to like it though and the napper-nipping volume of the Christmas music in my local supermarket tonight caused me to formally complain to the cashier about it. People around nodded in agreement and someone was sent to turn it down. If it had been The Ramones, loud wouldnae have been a problem, but Whitney Houston and East-feckin'-17? - just say no. Thankyou but no. No.