Saturday, November 26, 2005

I put this together last night and got sidetracked from posting when Larry Sanders came on. Hey now, it can happen…

Porchsleeper hail from Detroit and until my big nee’bur Per of Hagred sent their second album my way I’d never heard of ‘em. They sound like a Southern-fried Replacements channelling NRBQ to come up with a very superior forward-looking twist on the trusted bar band formula. Anthemic, infectious, there was a time when this stuff could have ruled the world and hearing this, it feels like everything is possible. Of course, we know that’s a crock but it’s good to remember from time to time, what it means to believe. Let this Midwestern combo indulge you in some classic American pub rock with a little pedal steel seasoning as heard on “The Rub”. They also reinterpret The Cure’s “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” like you never expected to hear it, indicating that there’s a couple shots of suss bubbling away amidst the suds.

Future Pilot AKA has a two song taster for the forthcoming “Secrets From The Clockhouse” album just out on the Creeping Bent imprint. It’s a timeless pop chestnut that would have lit up Top Of The Pops if that was still a valid showcase. “Eyes Of Love” features Stuart and Sarah from Belle and Sebastian on vocals in it verily snaps, crackles and pops like The Herd Vs Roy Wood on 2-Tone. Heck, this might even be 3-Tone? Recollecting a golden age when the single was all-powerful. Enchanting isn’t a word I’m prone to cough up but this is all that.

The Plaintiffs “La Familia” is the latest release on Career Records outta Bozeman, MT. Headed up by Seattle-ite and Longshot Joey Kline, there’s a sprinkling of BOC sounding fairy dust evident from the get-go that hits my buttons square. “Final Chance” has a metallic twang and a quasi-spaghetti western type storyline. There’s a cool tongue in cheek humour which pervades the songs and keeps them outside of the pastiche farm. These guys had fun cutting this and that feeling is caught here. They’ve got a lot of chops and they’re not afraid to ham them up. “One Eye Open” is Blue Oy-ska Cult and asks the question “what’s that sound?” Fookin’ entertainment mate, remember that? You will if you get a couple of shots of this baby across your bows. “Can I Ever Get Away With Anything” is a 21st Century Gene Pitney with a spot on Phoenix Nights and “Happy New Year” is my pick for ushering in a rollocking zero 6. Let’s hear it for the Pacific Northwest.

Messer fur Frau Muller’s “Triangle, Dot and Devil” on Aerocccp is dressed in a trim little digipak that wreaks of class. This Messer Chups related soundscape is perhaps a little more “commercial” than it’s twisted exoticabilly relation but no less jaw-dropping. These Moscow-based miscreants are making music that will be ahead of it’s time in the next century. These guys know how to score and surely it’s just a matter of time before they get hijacked for a major ad campaign. From the rubber stamp fetishism of the jacket art to the knowing throb of the grooves, it’s hard to convey exactly how entertaining this is. Les Baxter and Martin Denny transported out of this world and into another where the original Cramps blueprint is the only religion. This is instro and it’s mental. In equal measure. (Note - This blogger text doesn't recognise the proper text. Not even copying from word).

Wee Rock Records is a Springfield, Mo based label which has recently put out The Gentleman Callers “Don’t Say What It Is”. A quality selection of garage punkin’ tuneage that should appeal to those who recognise that the trick of serving this stuff up in 2005 is to inject a healthy dose of themselves into the soup. Sometimes authenticity just isn’t enough and I can report that these gents seem to have given up a couple of their souls to retain a sense of identity. A snotty, swirling primordial groove. “If You Want Me To Love You Again” was recorded for Kopper’s St. Louis based rock’n’roll radio show “The Wayback Machine”. And who the chuff cares if “Square Peg” is just a reconstituted “I Can Only Give You Everything”. At this juncture on a Friday night? Not me.

asteroid b-612’s “Reading Between The Lines” has been revitalised and reactivated by No Tomorrow Records. In keeping with that stable’s services to the R&R community, they’ve cut and shut this collection to prove in no uncertain terms that this combo weren’t just another bunch of antipodean stoogealikes. “Lines” plots an arc of stratospheric rock action. There was a lot of light and shade amongst the bombast and the slow burners like “Still Waiting” are arguably more potent than the straight-out faster and louder songs. In a sort of Reigning Sound sense. The bonus tracks include covers of 19th Nervous Breakdown, Brother Roy’s “Second Cousin” and a Mirror Blues/Final Solution wind-out. An old legion rock spectacular paying homage to some roots that didn’t often show.

That's yer lot then. Charabang leaves for the superfugginmarket in 10 minutes. Don't forget The Last Town Chorus shows in Edinburgh (tonight) and Glasgow (tomorrow). Of course, I'd love to be tearin' up with them Nomads in Helsinki tonight but 'tis not possible. Stand by for news on a public meeting regarding The Cameo debacle this coming week - but later, OK? A haggis breakfast awaits...